Our services cover three main categories: legal, technical & financing.


We offer legal advice in the form of assisting clients’ legal team with drafting, reviewing, interpreting and finalizing the following contracts:

  • Bespoke and standard form construction and engineering contracts (including the JBCC, FIDIC, NEC, JCT and PROCSA).
  • Mining services agreements and contract mining agreements.
  • Power purchase agreements and energy purchase agreement.
  • Professional services contracts.
  • Engineering, procurement and construction contracts (EPC contracts) and operations and maintenance contracts (O&M contracts).
  • Guarantees, bonds and collateral warranties.
  • Bespoke and standard form framework agreements and alliance contracts.

We review and finalise tender documents (including advice on bidder selection).

Legal training services are also available, kindly contact us for more detailed information


We offer technical advice in the form of:

  • Effective use of engineering standards, principles and practice for Regional discipline for planning, design and implementation of engineering outcomes to clients’ requirements.
  • Drafting and finalizing Request for Proposals (RfPs) and preparing responses to RfPs (including outlining how the clients requirements for a project will be met).
  • Drafting, reviewing and finalizing technical schedules/exhibits to contract (including scope of works and specification).
  • Monitoring, tracking and controlling schedules and resources for project integration and interface management of projects.
  • Coordinating, monitoring and reporting on various consultants and advisers on a project.
  • Compiling, reviewing and finalizing project progress.
  • Facilitating the development/management of physical asset management and tracking and implementing initiatives regarding physical asset’s performance.
  • Advising on compliance with the latest regulations in the mining and construction sector


We offer financial related advice in the form of:

  • Cost modelling.
  • Reviewing of existing cost models.
  • Advice on how to attract funding for construction and infrastructure projects.
  • Reports on the bankability and feasibility of a project.
  • Post investment reports at the completion of the project.
  • Easily implementable strategies and advice on how to in-line with budget and costing requirements, maintaining control of change in project requirements.

Within our three main categories, we offer over-arching project management services in the form of keeping a birds eye view of the project and ensure that all role playing have been identified, briefed and are carrying out their mandate and ensure that they are on the same page (i.e. that ensure that all role players are aware of the different moving parts – when engineers/lawyers give advice they are aware of the past and current advice/reports given by other professionals).

  • We further offer the following add-on services:
  • Secretarial and archiving services that offers individuals who attend, record and minute meeting and archives all minutes, important notices and correspondence exchanged between the stakeholders.
  • We also transcribe and archive transcripts of adjudication and arbitration proceedings.
  • We offer arbitrators, adjudicator and litigators for construction and construction related disputes.
  • We also offer advice on environmental issues.